What's the course about

Virtually every electronic product is constructed with one or more printed-circuit boards (PCBs). The PCBs hold the ICs and other components and implement the interconnections between them. The ideal PCB design starts with the discovery that a PCB is needed and continues through the final production boards.

OrCAD PCB Editor contains full-featured PCB editor based on Allegro technology. Its extensive feature set addresses a wide range of today's design challenges and manufacturability concerns such as intelligent placement and routing, constraint management, creating dynamic shapes, and design reuse.

What Will I Learn?

Job Opportunities

some of the jobs available for students at electronic and hardware manufacturing companies are

  • PCB Designer, Design Engineer - PCB,
  • Technical Lead - PCB Layout,
  • Design Engineer - Electronics,
  • Project Leader - Electronics,
  • Hardware Engineer,
  • Lead Engineer - Motor Design.

As India is developing in Electronics field tremendously, there is huge demand in this field.

The average pay for an Electronics Design Engineer is Rs 400,431 per year.