What's the course about

With the rapid development of software industry, more and more people want to learn programming languages. But nowadays there are more than 200 programming languages available, only a few of them can be applied comparatively widely.

In this program, three of the most popular programming languages C, C++ and Java are chosen to be the objects to study. The technical features of these four programming languages were summarized and compared with each other. So we got the idea like, If we are having knowledge in C, it means you got the basic syntax for programming. When it comes to C++ it is nothing but C with classes. So you will get the idea of Object Oriented Programming. This will make you an expert in modern programming. Then it will be very much easy for getting the latest technologies in Java. Specifically C is suitable for systems-programming applications, hardware related applications, embedded device, chip designing, and industrial automation products. C++ is appropriate for the software development such as application software, device drivers and high-performance server, Java is proper for application development and the development of web application, and it has three different forms, Java2 Standard Edition (J2SE), Java2 Micro Edition (J2ME), and Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). J2SE is suitable for the desktop applications. J2ME is proper for embedded systems development for mobile phones, wireless application and PDA programming. Finally, J2EE is appropriate for the development of server programming.

So if you are completing this course, then you will get the overall idea of programming and you will be able to choose whichever field of technology you need to work on,

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