What's the course about

In today’s era of technology the demands are increasing at a very faster level so more centralized and automatic system are required having higher intelligence. Without this field our life will reflect the image of 19’s. This program deals with the most happening technologies of market with the combination of Artificial intelligence, Data science, Machine learning, R and Python.

In this course the programming language used for implementing the concept of Artificial Intelligence is python. Artificial Intelligence completely deals in inputting intelligence into a machine so that it acts and reacts like a human. Nowadays tons of applications are available in the market which are incomplete without Artificial Intelligence like Microsoft Azure hologram. In such examples,along with Machine Learning and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence plays a very crucial role.

Data science and Machine learning concepts will be covered using python and R programming languages. Machine learning deals with the algorithm development, which is the backend part of every application design. One phase of the program from Data Science also deals in data analysis tools to handle the data by making them place and process in a better way, without analyzing the data it is impossible to take intensive decisions.

More technical knowledge or experience in a particular job function does not ensure employability or career progress. Organizations have identified as many as eight soft, managerial and leadership skills - collectively called the employability skills that are required for a professional to move up the corporate ladder. The lack of these skills can prevent students from getting employed and those employed from getting promoted.

Course Combinations