What's the course about

The course imparts a solid understanding of the Microcontrollers which plays a very important role in the design and development of Embedded systems. Embedded system is the combination of hardware and software to produce a complex system with high performance. Each day, our lives are becoming more dependent on embedded systems right from smart phones, air conditioners, cars and so on.

The use of embedded systems is virtually limitless. So, the need for well -trained embedded systems engineers is an ever growing demand.

Course objective

The course is designed to equip the participants with the required skills both on the hardware as well as the software fronts. The training program enables the aspirants to work on the Architecture, Pin- diagram, Input/output interfacing, Exposure to embedded C and also to set up & customize a microcontroller development environment. The course contents offered are revised in sync with the latest trends in the industry.

What Will I Learn?

Job Opportunities

  • According to Hexa research,Embedded System Market Size Will Reach $214.24 Billion by 2020.
  • Companies like TCS, Wipro, L&T, TATA, Elexsi, Infosys, Zensar, Tech Mahindra, Patni, Volvo, Airbus, Toshiba are investing heavily in their systems operations in India.
  • Lot of career opportunities are available in embedded systems. Some of them are as follows:
    • Embedded Software Engineer
    • System Software Engineer
    • Application Software Engineer
    • Software Test Engineer.
    • Embedded Hardware Engineer.
    • Embedded System Trainer.
  • Various Sectors in which you will get Embedded Systems Jobs are Medical Electronics, Aerospace, Automobiles, Defence, Toys, Consumer Electronics, Food industry, Telecommunication, Industrial machines, Space, Agriculture And Construction